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    From cartons and individual pallets, from oversized items to furniture.
    Just enter the weight and dimension of your cargo. Enter your pickup and delivery postcode and get access to verified carriers on top of our platform.

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    Compare lorry transport rates from various carriers instantly. Easily compare and choose your carrier of choice based on delivery lead time, insurance coverage and additional services offered.

    No back and forth emails, no registration required. Everything on a click of a button.

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  • Place your order online.

    Found your suitable carrier? Securely make your booking and payment online securely. Transport documents and shipment status available online on SPOTS MY.

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    Get your confirmation of order via e-mail.
    Your carrier of choice will schedule your order to be delivered within the promised delivery lead time.

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    Receive a copy of the signed consignment note online. No more searching and archiving of physical documents!

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