How it works for carriers?

Increasing your Lorry Profitability

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Why Spots?

Spots aims to help Lorry owners and fleet operators get connected easily to shippers with loads.

Free Registration

Registration is free. Get connected with potential shippers across your serviced areas.

Price Listing

Be the master of your own domain. Set your prices on the platform. Attract your customers.

Get Paid Consistently

Get paid in 2 weeks automatically after successful submission of the proof of delivery (POD).

How it works for Carriers?

Register and gain access to a large number of shipments.

Simply register your company with us by submitting your details and documents online to get direct access to shipments available on the market.

Set and save your preferred routes such that you can optimize the routes that you service.

Enter competitive rates to win suitable loads.

Determine the type of service and route that you are competitive in. Enter and offer your rates and win suitable loads for your routes.

Manage your orders via our application.

Our application has been designed specifically for your convenience. Designed with simplicity in mind, the Spots Carrier application is designed to be simple to use and easily navigated through.

Get Paid consistently

We provide secure payment gateways.

Submit your proof of delivery (POD) through our application and get paid at the end of every month. No charges, no hassle.

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