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5 LTL Shipping Questions SME Businesses Should Ask

According to the Companies Commission of Malaysia, there are over 6.5 million businesses in the country, including foreign and local companies. It is estimated that at least 50% of these businesses will require freight services at some point, particularly in the construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and retail industries.

For a lot of the SMEs, expenditure is sure to be a burning issue, with almost all small businesses implementing one strategy or the other to cut costs with small savings that accumulate over time. The top three costs for the industries mentioned above are usually employees, products, and freight.

LTL shipping /freight, also known as less than load or less than truckload, is the movement/transportation of relatively small cargo. Many logistics companies in Malaysia offer various services, which include lorry delivery services, truck delivery, lorry rental with driver, truck rental, and so many more. These lorry transport services offer a great deal of support for small businesses as they provide ample solutions to many of their shipping concerns.

Freight shipping, whether in smaller or larger quantities, has its own rules, and they can be quite bewildering to the first-time freight shipper, especially if you are not asking the right questions.

So when next you are going to call for that truck delivery service or lorry rental with driver to move your products, here are five questions you should ask.

1. Do I have the right packaging for my goods?

LTL shipping or less than truckload transportation is ideal for small businesses that need to move small quantities of goods from one location to another. This method allows for the sharing of both the space and the cost of a trailer with other small businesses that require similar lorry transport services.

While LTL services help small businesses to cut costs, it is essential to make sure you get your packaging right. Since the space on the truck is shared, it is imperative to know other products being transported with your goods, to avoid loss through damage.

Ultimately, the greater responsibility is on you to make sure your goods are well packaged to avoid any damage through the shipping process. Broken or damaged goods send the wrong signals about your company and may eventually lead to a loss of business.

There are several reliable delivery truck rental services in Malaysia, which provide good packaging options that can help your business.

2. How is freight classification determined?

Many factors are considered when determining freight classification. Some of these factors are distance, weight, density, and type of product. For most of the truck rental companies in Malaysia, the most important factor considered when determining freight classification is the density of your product.

There are 18 different standardized freight classes, which range from 50 to 500. These classes are established based on the density of products. The higher the density of a product, the lower the freight class and the lower the cost. In summary, this means the more space your goods take on the truck, the more it will cost you to transport.

So make sure you cross-check your freight class before making payment.

3. A moving company will carry my goods to my doorstep. Will a freight carrier do the same?

It depends on the sort of arrangement that is made, and this will usually fall under a request for additional service. LTL shipping is a commercial business, and the majority of their shipments are moved from one loading dock to another.

Still, there are provisions for businesses that require goods delivered right to their doorstep, albeit at an extra charge. Several of the lorry transport services in Malaysia provides a variety of delivery options to meet the demands of their clients. Selecting the right carrier for your product not only helps you keep track of where your shipment is but allows you to choose a location for a pickup conveniently.

4. How are the LTL shipping rates determined?

LTL shipping rates are usually constant and have nothing to do with the size of the company or how big your business is.

A prime determinant of the shipping rate is the freight class, as discussed above. Other factors include the distance to be covered, what you are shipping, and any other special requests. Some of these additional requests could range from a specific pick up point to lift-gate services.

5. Do I have the right logistics company for the job?

When it comes to picking the right carrier for your products, you must never be in too much haste. Choosing the right Logistics Company that suits your specific needs should always be your priority.

There are several truck rental services across Malaysia, so take your time to weigh all the options and compare prices. Check through their services and ask basic questions to be sure about their mode of operation and delivery. If you have more questions, feel free to get in touch with us at